This color palette features natural colors emulating the Colorado wilderness. The design may feature mossy, twiggy and whimsical elements with colors like emerald, sand, fuchsia, lavender and cloud.


Sprout: SPROUT is our petite floral design size. Your flowers will come designed in a vase and will be ideal for a bedside table or desk.

Bud: BUD is our medium and full design size. Your flowers will be in a vase fit for a coffee table.

Blossom: BLOSSOM is our large and lush design size. Your flowers will be in a vase sized for a dining room table, kitchen island or entryway.

Bloom: BLOOM is a showstopper design made to make a statement. Your flowers will be designed in a vase fit for a large accent table or entryway.

Super bloom: SUPER BLOOM is a design that is sure to wow the recipient. This vase design is perfect for the flower lover who would love an abundant garden floral arrangement.

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Arrangement Type