Colorado Elopement flowers

Wearable Flowers


Wearable flowers are the perfect extra touch on your wedding day. We offer something for everyone from hair flowers to an extra little flair for your suit. We will design all wearable flowers to coordinate with the color palette of the bouquet selected.


Boutonnieres: Perfect to tie in family or wedding party members to the celebration.

Corsage: A floral wrist corsage designed on an adjustable cuff for wedding party or family members.

Floral Hair Comb: This design will be on a hair comb to be placed in your wedding hair. The hair flowers tie the bouquet flowers to your full wedding day look.

Flower crown: A simple flower crown with a mixture of filler flower and greenery and a focal area of blooms.

Bowtie: This unique design will replace any need for a classic tie. A floral bowtie will have a magnetic strip to adhere to the collar of the dress shirt.

Pocket square: This design will fit perfectly in the pocket of a suit, and it will coordinate with the bouquet featuring an array of blooms and textural bits.