Tropical Paradise Planter


The perfect plant to liven up your home. The glossy, dark leaves of the Bird of Paradise plant makes it a striking plant for your living room or patio. It is planted in a minimal cement pot, with plenty of room for the BOP to be happy and grow tall. At it’s current stage of life, this plant stands at 3′ tall, but will likely stretch taller with time.


Bird-of-Paradise care:

In this large planter give it two cups of water once a week. Allow the soil to dry out in-between waterings, and trim any leaves that start to brown. They do not like to be transplanted, and like to become snug in their pot. Give the leaves a mist every couple of weeks for upkeep, and to dust off the leaves!

**Bird of Paradise generally don’t bloom as a houseplant. It is hard to replicate their tropical environment to allow them to grow the bright orange flowers. It WILL grow tall and thrive with the care instructions above**

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