A unique take on a classic plant – topped with Spanish moss, and an air plant, complete this elegant and timeless gift. Orchids will come in a variety of spring colors.

Our orchid pots are designed to be well drained, so no need to worry about over-watering! For best results, keep your orchid in indirect sunlight and give them a healthy drink once a week by watering in a sink and allowing it to drain thoroughly. Watering in the morning is best.

Once the blooms are finished, cut the spike one of two ways:

  • Cut down to the bottom of the leaves for a larger, stronger plant to re-bloom within a year.
  • Find the place where the last flower bloomed, cut below that spot, between two nodes (the swelled lines on the stem). This gives you a 50/50 chance of more blooms within 12 weeks.

Dimensions of the pot: 5” H 5” W


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