Outdoor Summer Planter


Enjoy this outdoor planter filled with Rhipsalis, Cryptanthus, Huernia and a succulent and watch them thrive in the summer season!

This planter is perfect for a sunny porch with lots of light. Make sure to water when the soil is dry. Keep an eye on the dryness especially if it’s in bright sun for most of the day! Which may mean watering daily or every other day.

In a 10in wide and 5in high ceramic pot.


Compliment your plant with a crystal! Choose between a $30 crystal tower (Pink Amethyst or Amethyst) or a $10 crystal cluster (Amethyst, Clear Quartz or Citrine) and add on healing and positive energy.

The type of crystal you receive is dependent on availability. Call us or write in your order description if you would like a specific crystal type.

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