Colorado Elopement flowers



A Moab bridal bouquet will be designed with a warm, earth tone color palette that draws in the color of the wavey, red rocks in Moab.

Each and every bouquet is unique based on the qualities of the stems. Creating a bridal bouquet with fresh flowers means the designer has to play with the natural curve of the stem and the coloring of the seasonal blooms. Our talented designers will create a bouquet inspired by the color palette listed above. Each bouquet will incorporate seasonal flowers along with neutral blooms to create a cohesive color palette.

Sizing for elopement bouquets are as follows:

Mt Elbert – Our largest bouquet size! The Mt. Elbert is lush, full of a variety of blooms and is a true statement design. This is for the bride that wants the bouquet to be the true star of the show.

Long’s Peak – The Long’s Peak is a medium sized bouquet. We consider this our standard and is a great size for a variety of locations!

Mt. Sherman – Mt. Sherman is a petite bouquet. This is a limited ingredient bouquet that is great for the bride who wants a select few blooms.


All elopement bouquets will be a designer’s choice, created with the airy and whimsical design style of Boulder Blooms, and will feature seasonal blooms. Please note that we generally need at LEAST 7-10 days to ensure we can create your color palette.