Mixed Minis Succulent Garden


This succulent garden is full of mixed minis for the low-maintenance plant lover! The terrarium includes various succulents and decorative rocks.

Care Instructions: Place in a warm area with full sun. Water once a week to every 10 days depending on the light they receive. Make sure to allow the soil to completely drain and dry in-between waterings. The most likely way you can kill your succulents is too much water or too little light.

White ceramic pot is 8 inches in diameter.


Compliment your plant with a crystal! Choose between a $30 crystal tower (Pink Amethyst or Amethyst) or a $10 crystal cluster (Amethyst, Clear Quartz or Citrine) and add on healing and positive energy.

The type of crystal you receive is dependent on availability. Call us or write in your order description if you would like a specific crystal type.

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