LIBBY (out of stock)

The LIBBY is our juiciest color palette featuring warm, bright colors like orange, magenta, coral, yellow and peach. Watch these colors dance and draw the eye in.

Libby is our office manager, Zoe’s, mama. Zoe is inspired by her mom’s tenacity, beauty, and mastermind coordination.


The LIBBY starts at $175 in the unique vase, but can go up to any price point under the sun to create a striking, memorable floral design for your mom. Sizing as follows based on vase-

Dress to Impress, full and lush $175-300
Show Stopper, statement piece $305+
For every $20 spent, the designer can incorporate 3-5 additional blooms. 
Vase and Flower substitutions may need to be made at the discretion of the Boulder Blooms team, but rest assured that all substitutions will be of equal or higher value and keep the same design aesthetic. The vase in the photo will be used for all designs in the LIBBY category. 

Out of stock