Hand sown, hand grown and hand thrown! A 100% local option from flower to vase. All flowers in this design were grown in Colorado. The vase is locally made by Peak to Peak ceramics. The blooms in this design will follow the seasonality in Colorado- month to month, there will be a variety of different local flowers available.

Some examples of flowers you can expect to see include:

  • Spring: allium, anemones, tulips, daffodils, ranunculus
  • Summer: calendula, Queen Anne’s/chocolate lace, foxglove, phlox, rudbeckia, snapdragons, yarrow
  • Fall: celosia, cosmos, dahlias, lisianthus, marigold, scabiosa, zinnias, along with locally grown dried blooms to last forever!
This offering hits close to home because supporting our local community, as well as minimizing carbon footprint supports the sustainability values at Boulder Blooms. We want to thank you for helping us continue on our sustainable journey!
This design starts at $140 for a standard size (as shown).
For every $20 spent, you can expect 3-5 additional blooms. 

Minimum price: $140.00

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Arrangement Type: