The FIG is our moody and bold color palette. You can expect your design to feature deep tones in burgundy, raspberry, fuchsia and purple with gold tones in the mix.

Lil Somethin’, petite $50-75
Somethin’ More, medium $80-115
Dress to Impress, full and lush $120-175
Show Stopper, statement piece $180+
**When you choose a vase arrangement, the price of the vase is included in size and price point you choose**
Our arrangements start at $50, but the sky is the limit when it comes to price. The price ranges below are to give you an idea of the size arrangement you will be getting at whatever price point you decide. For every $20 spent, our designer’s can include ~3-5 additional blooms.

Minimum price: $50.00

Arrangement Type * 

Arrangement Type: