The Coleus is the perfect addition to any plant collection! Coleus are known for their bright, summery colors and unique patterns of their leaves. Exact coleus color and type will vary.

Coleus like bright, but indirect light. Direct sun can scorch the leaves. Rewater when soil has dried out, avoiding letting the soil to become completely bone dry. Coleus like soil that is moist, but not sopping wet. If your plant starts to flower, you can pinch off the flowers to encourage more foliage growth!

Dimensions of the pot: 6” H 6” W

Add-on Flouwer Co. Cocktail Cubes to your order to make it into a fun bundle! Flouwer Co. Cocktail Cubes are naturally colored and flavored. Crafted using only organic edible flowers, all-natural extracts, and plant-based ingredients.

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