Eco Friendly Wedding

Summer time offers an abundance of Eco-friendly options for the bride who loves the outdoors.

bridal 2 300x200 Eco Friendly Wedding   tulips 300x200 Eco Friendly Wedding

Featured in Couture Colorado, Boulder Blooms created farm fabulous designs in bright tomato red, turquoise with little pops of yellow. Using predominantly local flowers, we constructed turquoise blooms using paper with a Crespedia center. Felt, buttons, and papers added a touch of creativity and endearment to the event.

couple 300x200 Eco Friendly Wedding

Simple fabric bows on mason jars with loose designs bring pops of bold colors to the countryside backdrop.

wagon1 300x200 Eco Friendly Wedding

The boutonnieres are playful yet classy, incorporating paper and felt flowers with a touch of ivy.

bout 300x200 Eco Friendly Wedding

No matter the funky flavors or interesting elements your into, don’t hesitate to be creative and incorporate materials that identify you!