Our Green Idea

At Boulder Blooms, our eco-consciousness comes from our love of our home. It comes from living in beautiful Boulder, Colorado- the fifth greenest place to live in the nation. It comes from being located near the University of Colorado- one of the nation’s greenest universities. The idea of reusing everything that comes through our doors is deeply profound in our shop. Reusing odd containers as creative vessels for flowers, packing our delivery van with boxes that served to transport flowers from our wholesalers, composting and recycling almost all of our waste is part of our every day business practices at Boulder Blooms.

Being Boulder’s eco-friendly florist, it is easy for us to create our pieces using the Earth’s natural elements. The joy, diversity, and exquisiteness that come from our creations express our passion to create beautiful, eco-friendly pieces of art. We draw our creative vision from the natural elements of the ingredients that create our arrangements. We let the shapes, colors, and textures of the flowers, foliage, moss, water and wood guide us in our design.

We reuse everything we possibly can- packing materials from our wholesalers, glass vases, office supplies. We compost everything we possibly can- cardboard, newspaper, waxed products, living material and food. We recycle anything we possibly can- cardboard, newspaper, plastic, paper, and glass. In our shop we have only one trashcan, probably about the size of your kitchen trashcan, and we empty it about once per week. We compost over 256 gallons of organic material per week. Of our output, 60% of our materials are re-used, 30% is composted, 8% is recycled and 2% is waste. Everything in our shop is cleaned and sanitized with eco-friendly products.

At Boulder Blooms, our focus is on reusing materials since doing so conserves more resources than recycling or composting. We use washable rags instead of paper towels. We return boxes to wholesalers so they can be reused, instead of broken down and immediately sent for recycling. We encourage all flower recipients to participate in our efforts by returning their vases in exchange for $5.00 worth of fresh, free flowers.

Stocking locally-sourced and seasonal products is part of our conscious attitude. You can bet on us always having fresh, seasonal flowers. We love to work with the colors that the Earth produces throughout different times of the year- an autumn arrangement might include tones of burgundy, rust, yellows, browns, moss or violets to reflect the variety that nature produces. We purchase flowers, foliages, chocolates, and other hard goods from local suppliers in Colorado as much as possible. This reduces the carbon output involved in getting our product to us, results it superior quality, and helps our local economy.

Our passion is to provide beautiful portraits of nature, while keeping the Earth’s health in mind.

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